15th April


Greek Tabbouleh Salad
Burrito Bowl with Cauliflower
Fortified Microgreens
Mexican Potato Skin

688 Calories

  • 64gms Carbs

  • 33gms Proteins

  • 43gms Fats


Sprout Kachumber
Kerala Stew
French Bean Stir Fry with Grated Coconut
Fortified Microgreens
Madras Curry Satay with Jaggery Dressing

675 Calories

  • 79gms Carbs

  • 18gms Proteins

  • 30gms Fats

16th April


Pita Bread Falafels with veggies
Cranberry Almond Millet Salad
Fortified Microgreens
Egg Plant Caviar with Crudites
Kokam Cooler

627 Calories

  • 98gms Carbs

  • 21gms Proteins

  • 17gms Fats


Mix Vegetable Salad
Dal Makhani with coconut butter
Cilantro Buckwheat Paratha
French beans stir fry
Fortified Microgreens
Sweet Potato and beetroot cutlets
Kokam Cooler

705 Calories

  • 90gms Carbs

  • 23gms Proteins

  • 26gms Fats

17th April


Pea soup
Greek Tabouleh Salad
Argula Tomato Basil Olives and Vegan Cheese in Cauliflower & Bananaflour pizza base
Healthy Glutenfree brownie
Fortified Microgreens
Jacket Potato

664 Calories

  • 87gms Carbs

  • 13gms Proteins

  • 28gms Fats


Lemonade with fruit bits
Vegetable Salad
Gujarati Kadhi
Phaada ni Khichadi with vegetables
Healthy glutenfree Brownie
Fortified Microgreens
Methidhokla & chutney

666 Calories

  • 93gms Carbs

  • 20gms Proteins

  • 20gms Fats

18th April


Bokchoy coconut water pineapple smoothie
Cucumber Feta Millet
Pomegranate salad
Lentil Broccoli Risotto
Fortified Microgreens
Zucchini Tortillini

625 Calories

  • 85gms Carbs

  • 17gms Proteins

  • 26gms Fats


Mustard flavoured kanji
Grated Vegetable in lemon vinaegratte
Gatta sabzi
Methi thepla
gwarphali ki sabzi
Fortified Microgreens
Baked Baati with tomatot salsa

725 Calories

  • 83gms Carbs

  • 24gms Proteins

  • 31gms Fats

19th April


Lemon coriander soup
Mixed Veg salad with coco peanut dressing
Mushroom & Paneer/Tofu Chilly
Burnt Garlic Ginger Shallot
Brown Rice
Fortified Microgreens
Oats Porridge in cashew milk with dates garnished with pomegranate

745 Calories

  • 76gms Carbs

  • 26gms Proteins

  • 27gms Fats


Lemon coriander soup
Mix Salad
Kiwi Rasam
Mushroom Chilla crepes with figs chutney
Fortified Microgreens
Podi Idli with chutney

582 Calories

  • 79gms Carbs

  • 21gms Proteins

  • 29gms Fats

20th April


Zesty Lemonade
Som Tam Salad
Vietnamese Rice Roll
Street Pad Thai with Gravy Sauce
Fortified Microgreens
Broccoli and Quinoa cutlets

600 Calories

  • 95gms Carbs

  • 15gms Proteins

  • 19gms Fats


Carrot Ginger Honey Smoothie
Leafy Salad
Dum Biryani (with brown Rice)
Kachumber Raita
Mirchi Salan
Fortified Microgreens
Rajma Hummus with Crudites

790 Calories

  • 81gms Carbs

  • 25gms Proteins

  • 36gms Fats