Juice your veggies to health

In the last blog, we spoke about how important the enzymes are and how their absence in the body can lead to various illness and even death in some cases. Going a step further let me help you understand the various enzymes that are present within a human body.

The enzymes in the body fall into three different categories namely:
Metabolic Enzymes: These are found in every cell, these enzymes are responsible for various biochemical reactions like breathing, immune system etc.
Digestive Enzymes: These enzymes are found outside the cells like the pancreas and endocrine glands. They contribute towards the digestion of the food.

Food Enzymes: Many foods, particularly raw foods contain these enzymes. They help in reducing the burden on the organs to produce digestive enzymes. When you are hungry the brain starts communicating to the gastrointestinal tract which in turn starts preparing the digestive system to break food into smaller components. This step of activating the digestive system has an important role to play. This preparation phase turns the stomach more conducive to incoming food by secreting acids, secreting saliva, availing enzymes for easy digestion.

One of the latest philosophy followed by most of the health watchers is, “drink your food and eat the water.” This is not one of the fads but a statement to ponder at. One of our blogs also mentioned about how chewing the food is so important. Chewing every bite of food, till it emulsifies with the saliva and you can gulp it down like you gulp a sip of water is the right way of eating your food i.e. drinking your food. Similarly, instead of mindlessly chugging down the water or any drink. The liquid food too, should be made their own by placing it in the mouth for a moment before swallowing it.

By ensuring raw foods in your diet, the amount of food enzymes provided from them to the body increases drastically in turn reducing the stress on the digestive system. One of the most convenient ways to include raw foods is by including vegetable juices. The recommended serving of vegetables is 5-6 servings. Juicing allows you to include healthier amount of vegetables, not to forget the juicing pre-digests the vegetables enabling better nutrient availability. The best part of the entire process is that one can add variety and combinations to increase the range of nutrients.

The timing of its inclusion can make a huge difference. Including it half an hour to an hour before meals helps in

  1. Introducing food enzyme
  2. Stimulating appetite
  3. Boosting immune system
  4. Improving energy
  5. Preventing sleepiness and lethargy post meals
  6. Bloating and acidity
  7. Cleansing
  8. Turning the pH of the body alkaline

It may take a while to get use to it but these juices have a very pleasant flavour. If you are going to be giving a shot after reading this you might want to start with smaller quantity to avoid any form of discomfort. Not because it is bad in anyway but because the juices help in cleansing the body and help in eliminating the toxins from the body.

However, if you are suffering from any form of ailment it is always wise to incorporate this regime under the supervision of an expert.