Live, love and laugh- new beginning to healthy living

Healthy- Heal Thyself
A word so simple yet so rarely understood
A concept so crucial yet so ignored
Easy to attain by all, but tried by only a few.
The secret is 3 simple words ,no strings attached:-

Don’t sit if you can walk. Don’t sit if you can run. Why compromise on life, when you can achieve the best with no limitations of health or age or time?
And this life comes with a healthy lifestyle which calls for a little discipline:

Set up a routine – The human body is a biological clock that has predetermined tasks to perform for e.g. getting sleep, assimilating, eliminating, breathing etc. All it needs is a bit of conditioning. By setting a routine you empower your body to work smoothly.

Get enough sunshine – In most of the cases in the India, people have weak bones not because they don’t get enough calcium but because they don’t get enough Vitamin D. Physical activity combined with sunshine equals stronger, healthier body. Get out of the confines of the concrete jungle and embrace nature: a walk in the garden or a weekend away out of the city.

Move it or lose it- the body has immense potential. Move it, use it as much as possible. The more you challenge it the stronger it gets. Incorporate various forms of exercises running, strength training, yoga, stretching etc. to gain maximum benefit

Sleep and rest – The balance of yin and yang is a key factor in creating a healthy body. With exercise and working out, a good sleep and rest is imperative. This is the time when the body heals, assimilates and rejuvenates itself.

Breathing – Take some time to get some fresh air. Concentrate on the breathing. Deep breathing helps turn your body alkaline and also manages your body hormones, a major force of keeping various diseases at bay.


However philosophical it sounds, love is so important to our existence.We find love in every walk of life. Love is what supports us. Love is what keeps us going. The most important kind of love is self-love. Loving, yourself, your idea, your body and the energy that drives us. We know this yet we don’t love ourselves or the source of energy that keeps us going: Overtime the love for food has transitioned to fear.

The law of universe states”what goes around comes around” and food is not an exception.Your body’s reaction to food is dependent on your mind’s perception of food. To explain further:

Mindful eating: Every morsel of food that you take, eat mindfully and savour every bit of it. Let the food breakdown into flavours to bring out the maximum taste. It is in this state that the food helps the body to absorb every nutrient in itself. As opposed to that every morsel eaten with guilt and regret can prevent the body from extracting the nutrients it requires because this negative feeling within you increasesthe stress hormones. These stress hormones are responsible for all kinds of diseases, obesity, thyroid related issues etc.


Today most of the lifestyle diseases occur because of the baggage of stress and work that we carry around. This stress makes you crave for temporary and unhealthy feel good moments and solutions such as binge eating, alcohol, smoke, televisions to name a few.

The mental state turns into a ticking time bomb ready to go off with the smallest of trigger. How does one deal with that? Research states that doing what you love or enjoy can reduce the speed of ageing and the stress levels drastically in turn preventing the host of lifestyle diseases.

Find ways to accommodate small things that make you happy. Take up a sport, hobby, meditate, remove time in what brings out the child in you.
Life is short, enrich it with touch of happiness.

Now with access to the secret ingredients, when will you be making the switch from average extraordinary?