Enzymes, the game changer

Enzymes are substances, formed in the cells of the body, that act as catalysts to speed up various reactions in the cells.

Every single process, every reaction that takes place in the body depends upon the enzyme for their completion. Processes like the renewal of cells, synthesis, digestion, absorption, transport, productions, healing all require enzymes. They are one of the basic entities of your existence.

If the enzymes are being synthesized in the body, why should I be worried? While some percentage of enzymes can be made within the body, a major chunk of enzymes come from FOOD! With age the ability of the body to produce enzymes reduces. Hence, it is important that with age we ensure that major portion of the enzymes is obtained from food. 

But food is something we eat daily, then how can one possibly be deficient in enzymes you might ask.

Every enzyme is sensitive to some element for e.g. some enzymes might die because of high heat, some because of the sudden change in the pH, while some because of the environmental factors. Most of the foods we eat are cooked, due to which we lose out on most of the enzymes, due to which the body has to do with whatever enzymes that are left to digest the food. Times when the enzymes are not enough from the food eaten, the body has to spend excess energy in the giving away from the body’s reservoir of enzymes creating more stress resulting in the feeling of sleepiness and tiredness post meals.

Overeating is not only a reason to obesity but also one of the major causes of diseases. Let’s consider an example:

  1. Every organ only has a certain threshold it can work up to. Overworking of an organ can lead to its failure/damage. In the case of diabetes, the pancreas has overworked so much in producing the pancreatic juice and insulin that gradually it starts losing out on its power of secreting enzymes.
  2. Everytime you eat, the body uses a percentage of its enzymes from its reservoir to digest due to which the body is unable to heal the damaged tissues, skin etc. This keeps building up stress and toxins which can lead to various chronic illness or inflammatory conditions.

How can we make sure that the enzymes are sufficient in the body?

The body can synthesis only a certain number of enzymes. To ensure that the number does not get exhausted, including raw foods like fruits, vegetables, sprouts are the way to go. Eat as many exchanges of raw vegetables and fruits as possible. Include them in a smoothie, salad, munchies. Try including at least one raw meal.

Couple the intake of these healthy foods with thorough chewing. Chewing reduces the stress on the digestive system for digestion.

We, humans, have misconstrued the meaning of health food. Right from adding preservatives to improve the shelf life and tag it as “food on the go” or “ travel food” to processing and stripping off the nutrients to be called it as healthy. The mantra to healthy is so simple yet so complicated.

Uncomplicate the complicated and take one step at a time to work towards not only towards a wealthy lifestyle but also a healthy gut.